In addition to her books, Black's essays have appeared in a number of published anthologies and literary journals, including Solamente en San Miguel, Vol. III; Eat, Darling, EatAlimentum; Persimmon Tree; Red Mesa Review; and Under the Sun. 

She was also the editor of and a contributor to the one-of-a-kind fundraising cookbook, Storied Recipes, for the nonprofit literary organization SOMOS in Taos, New Mexico. 

To read her essay "Cooking Under Pressure,"  which was published in October 2017 in the delightful online journal Eat, Darling, Eat, go to eatdarlingeat.net.

AND NOTE: Somewhere Child, first published by Viking Press, NY, in 1981, has recently been released in eBook form and is available from Amazon.com. This edition includes the Afterword from the Bantam Books paperback, explaining how Black's missing daughter was subsequently found. Because the problems of child snatching and parental alienation have not, sadly, gone away, Black is hoping that this digital version of the book will reach a new readership and help even more people.